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Happy little quotes from Bob Ross


We'll put a happy little bush here. A little happy sunlight shining through there. We tell people sometimes: we're like drug dealers, come into town and get everybody absolutely addicted to painting. It doesn't take much to get you addicted. Trees get lonely too, so we'll give him a little friend. Nothing's gonna make your husband or wife madder than coming home and having a snow-covered dinner. Let your imagination be your guide.

If these lines aren't straight, your water's going to run right out of your painting and get your floor wet. There's not a thing in the world wrong with washing your brush. If what you're doing doesn't make you happy - you're doing the wrong thing.

This is probably the greatest thing to happen in my life - to be able to share this with you. You're meant to have fun in life. And maybe, maybe, maybe... We'll paint one happy little tree right here. How do you make a round circle with a square knife? That's your challenge for the day. The very fact that you're aware of suffering is enough reason to be overjoyed that you're alive and can experience it.

It's cold, but it's beautiful. When you do it your way you can go anywhere you choose. Little trees and bushes grow however makes them happy.

Volunteering your time; it pays you and your whole community fantastic dividends. Maybe there's a happy little Evergreen that lives here. We'll lay all these little funky little things in there. Everyone wants to enjoy the good parts - but you have to build the framework first. Let your heart be your guide.

It is a lot of fun. Isn't it fantastic that you can change your mind and create all these happy things? It's almost like something out of a fairytale book.

This is the fun part Just let your mind wander and enjoy. This should make you happy. You can work and carry-on and put lots of little happy things in here.