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Getting started

by Bleda in Getting Started · 3 min read

Bleda is a minimal blog starter theme for Gridsome, inspired by the design of the Attila Ghost theme, and styled with Tailwind CSS. Gridsome is a Vue.js-powered, modern site generator for building

Writing posts

by Gridsome in Getting Started · 3 min read

The starter uses Gridsome's filesystem source plugin, which means blog posts are Markdown files that exist in the /content/posts directory. Creating a new post There are 2 ways you can create a new

Markdown styling

by Gridsome in Markdown · 2 min read

Blog posts in Bleda are written using Markdown. However, you are free to use HTML inside Markdown, for any elements not covered by the spec. Markdown is intended to be as easy-to-read and

Organise content with tags

by Gridsome · 1 min read

Tags in Bleda are defined in your posts's Front matter. You can specify them in either YAML format: --- # ... other fields tags: - getting-started - content --- Or in array format: --- # ...

Adding a post author

in Getting Started · 1 min read

Just like with tags, you can also organise your posts by author. Simply add an author: some-name to your posts' Front Matter, and the author collection and URLs will be automatically generated.

Deploying your site

by Gridsome in Getting Started · 1 min read

Seriously, this is a static site. You could just run gridsome build and then upload the entire dist folder to any web host. Deploy to Netlify 🔥 Simply connect Netlify to your GitHub repo and trigger