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Organise content with tags


Tags in Bleda are defined in your posts's Front matter.

You can specify them in either YAML format:

# ... other fields
    - getting-started
    - content

Or in array format:

# ... other fields
tags: ['getting-started', 'content']

On archive pages (homepage, tags page, author page), only the first tag will be shown. The single post view will show all tags at the bottom.

Slug format

Each tag must be written in 'slug' format: lowercase-words-separated-by-a-dash


Tag names are case-sensitive. Because of this, you can't have a post tagged design and and another one tagged Design.

No tags? No problem!

You don't have to add tags to your posts: if you don't, the archives and single post views will simply not show them.

This post has no tags 😎