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Adding a post author

Just like with tags, you can also organise your posts by author.

Simply add an author: some-name to your posts' Front Matter, and the author collection and URLs will be automatically generated.

Multi-author blogs

You can use unique author names to create a 'multi-author' blog. Checkout the getting started post, it's written by a different author.

Note: a post can only have one author.

Author avatars

Add author avatars in the /static/images/authors directory. The name of the file must match the author name in your Front Matter, and it must be a PNG.

For example, author: john-doe will use /static/images/authors/john-doe.png

If a matching avatar image is not found, or it failed to load, Bleda will try to use default.png from the same directory.

No authors? That's OK.

You don't have to add an author to a post. Posts with no author will simply not show the author name anywhere, and will not be included in the author archive pages.

As you can see, this post was written by a ghost 😉