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Getting started

by Bleda · 3 min read

Bleda is a minimal blog starter theme for Gridsome, inspired by the design of the Attila Ghost theme, and styled with Tailwind CSS. Gridsome is a Vue.js-powered, modern site generator for building

Writing posts

by Gridsome · 3 min read

The starter uses Gridsome's filesystem source plugin, which means blog posts are Markdown files that exist in the /content/posts directory. Creating a new post There are 2 ways you can create a new

Adding a post author

1 min read

Just like with tags, you can also organise your posts by author. Simply add an author: some-name to your posts' Front Matter, and the author collection and URLs will be automatically generated.

Deploying your site

by Gridsome · 1 min read

Seriously, this is a static site. You could just run gridsome build and then upload the entire dist folder to any web host. Deploy to Netlify 🔥 Simply connect Netlify to your GitHub repo and trigger